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Catch a Falling Star offers a comprehensive array of services to officers and their family members with the focus on health, stability and productivity. The objectives of this program ar to help officers cope with their personal or work related problems that affect their workplace performance.

Catch a Falling Star Law Enforcement Assistance Program for Law Enforcement Officers and their families.

  • Consultant services to law enforcement agencies and organizations
  • Specialized employee or members assistance program development
  • EAP services, participation in nationwide services, referral specialists
  • Educational and training programs including:
    • Stress Management
    • Critical Incident Stress Management
    • Alcohol and Substance Abuse
    • Mental Health Issues
    • Health and Physical Fitness
    • Stress Related Disorders
    • Family dysfunction and Domestic Violence
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Intervention and Post Shooting Trauma Assistance

Catch a Falling Star is proven to be a confidential, professionally accountable organization that can easily assimilate varies client needs by providing the cohesive Linkage between labor/management and employee / family concerns.

In 2006, Cynthia wrote, produced, and promoted “When Trauma Doesn’t Bleed.” It is most certainly one of her greatest achievements, bringing to light the often-overlooked emotional costs suffered by the first responder community.


Catch a Falling Star provides comprehensive and compassionate, professional services, consultation, training, technical assistance, employee assistance, specialized referrals, and advocacy in support, primarily, of law enforcement and other emergency response personnel and their families in need of stress mitigation and personal crisis assistance.

All law enforcement and emergency response personnel are empowered with courage and resource availability to avail themselves and their families of professional services, without stigma, in their efforts to reduce stress, personal crisis, and emotional turmoil resulting in more resilient and productive public safety providers.

Intervention Services

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Catch a Falling Star is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization | All Donations are Gracefully Accepted and May Be Sent Care Of: Catch a Falling Star | 36 Woodgate Drive | Lancaster, NY 14086